Adding Help to functions

You will probably have a lot of commands loaded in PoshBot and most likely will not remember every single one and their parameters. Luckily, PowerShell has a pretty good Comment-based help system so PoshBot leverages this functionality to provide meaningful help to commands inside a chat window.

In order to make the help system useful within Poshbot, Your plugin commands should at a minimum have comment-based help that includes a Synopsis and at least one Example section. The Parameter section is recommended but not required.

function Invoke-HelloWorld {
    Say hello
    The person to say hello to
    !invoke-helloworld Brandon
        [string]$Name = 'Anonymous'

    Write-Output "Hi $Name!"

You can use the builtin command help to ... wait for it... get help about available commands. The help command has a few parameters to enable getting help on certain commands or to control the level of detail shown.

List all available commands


List help and filter anything that has the word azure in it.

!help azure

List all regex type commands

!help -type regex

List all event type commands

!help -type event

Get detailed help for the mycommand command.

!help myplugin:mycommand -detailed