Running PoshBot as a Scheduled Task

Running PoshBot in the foreground is great for testing use cases. Production is a different story. You'll want PoshBot running in the background and ensure it starts up after a restart. The simplest way to do that is to create a scheduled task that will run on startup.

The included function New-PoshBotScheduledTask will do just that. Provided you have a PoshBot configuration file (.psd1) already built, the code below will get a PowerShell credential object, create the scheduled task, and start it.


$cred = Get-Credential
$params = @{
    Name = 'PoshBot'
    Path = 'C:\PoshBot\myconfig.psd1'
    Credential = $cred
    Description = 'Awesome ChatOps bot'
    PassThru = $true
$task = New-PoshBotScheduledTask @params
$task | Start-ScheduledTask